Let’s see how this goes….

So, here I am…creating a blog. Why am I doing this? What will be the purpose? What will I write about? Will anyone care what I have to say? These are all questions that traveled through my mind as I contemplated creating a blog months and months ago. But here I Am. It is created.

Why? I created a blog not only for myself, to express life and all of it’s ups and downs, but also for that one reader who may take something I have done or said and be motivated by it. I have found that being brutally honest with myself, and with others, will scare some away. However, being open and honest about struggles and challenges proves that we are all human. We are all equal. My posts are guaranteed to be honest, raw, and at times full of emotion.

Purpose? Maybe to inspire. Maybe to open up about my own struggles. Maybe to share the joys in the everyday life. Maybe to encourage someone to try something new. But most of all, to share my crazy, beautiful life as a mother, spouse, daughter, sister, friend, and triathlete.

What to write about? Here I will share my journey to my first 1/2 Ironman and the struggle to balance it all. I plan to include stories about my family, friends, training, nutrition, struggles, triumphs, questions, concerns, and everything else that pops into my over active brain.

Will anyone care? Who knows??!! But that really isn’t the point. I am me. These are my words. If you care to read it….GREAT! If not, I will keep posting and talking to myself. I am use to it. I have some amazing conversions with myself at times.

So there you have it. My blog has been officially created. Stay tuned for a wild ride. There is never a dull moment over here in the land of Courtney!!


2 thoughts on “Let’s see how this goes….

  1. Heehee I was so nervous too!! Glad you made the leap!!! It is also very therapeutic :p and someone some where will care – we are all made to resonate with certain people 🙂

    Love the photo of your family. Welcome to the blog community 🙂


  2. Dude. Writing it out is a beautiful thing and a GREAT way to record the journey! I have no doubt you will be as awesome at connecting with people in this medium as you are at connecting in person. Go Forth and embrace the experience! Can’t wait to see what it brings you!


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