Positivity….it’s contagious!

When you wake up each morning, where do your thoughts go? Are you excited for a new day and all the things it will bring? Or are you dreading all the things you have to do at work, home, school, life? Are your immediate morning thoughts positive? Or have you instantly set your day up on a negative note?

I am as guilty as the next person for letting my thoughts drift off down a negative path. Sometimes it is right when I wake up. Other times it is after the kids are up and the day is dealing me a tough hand. One negative thought can lead to another and then another and so on until we are so frustrated and full of negativity. Then, we carry that negativity around all day and it starts to wear off on those around us. Now our coworkers, friends, or family members are feeling negative. Good luck shaking that once the snowball effect has started.

What if, when we woke each morning, we focused on a something positive? How would that change the events of the day? Well, that is my new goal. I want to live a life full of positive energy. Don’t we all?!?  I am taking control of my mind, my attitude, the demons that live inside my mind. I can only start with myself. I can’t force you, my kids, or those around me to want to do the same. However, good luck trying to get mad at me when I am walking around trying to find the positive in each situation. Stub your toe? Be thankful you didn’t break your foot! Drop your coffee? Thank goodness it didn’t spill all over your outfit. Kids are driving you up the wall? Put yourself in time out for a minute and count to 100 and then SMILE.

I am trying my best to find a way to carry this positive mindset to all avenues in my life. My relationship, my kids, my job, my friends, and my training. Somehow, it has become easier to be upset and frustrated with life. Why is that? Why is it so hard to be happy? Why is it so hard to love ourselves? And that is where it all begins… with ourselves. We are completely in control of our behaviors. Our thoughts will wander where they wander, but it is up to us to guide them, redirect them when they start to turn negative. We have to shut those demons down, one by one. Prove them wrong. Believe in ourselves. And carry our heads held high.

We have all been through tough times. We have all been dealt cards that we aren’t fond of. However, without trials and tribulations, we wouldn’t be who we are. So, why not take responsibility, find something positive, and try to encourage others to do the same? Sometimes, taking a minute out of your day to compliment someone on their efforts, will change that person’s entire day. Be kind, be happy, be positive. That is my goal. I challenge you to try and do the same. This world is so full of hate and destruction. Although I am just one person, I am one person that is determined to love herself and love those around me..friends, family, coworkers, strangers. A smile can speak a million words.

I hope you all can look in the mirror and see that you are worth it. You are beautiful. You are enough. Shut those demons up one by one!