Vineman 70.3 is here…

I have tried to get myself to write this post several times, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. As I sit here, getting ready to load up the car, and head to Windsor, Ca…I am forcing myself to write this blog. For me. For you. For anyone that cares to listen. 

About a year ago, I committed to racing this race. My best friend and I would do it together for her 40th birthday. Then, our triathlon club got priority registration so about 20 of our teammates also committed to racing as well. To be able to race my first 70.3 distance race with so many of my friends and teammates was the ultimate situation. Excited doesn’t begin to explain the feelings running through my body. I spent the winter months building my endurance. I sludged through slow, tedious workouts knowing that come springtime, I would be able to start speed work and reap the rewards. I then powered through speedwork, tempo, hard sets in the spring. My times were dropping and the power was increasing. 

You all know what happened next. 

I will still be with my best friend and my 20 or so teammates this weekend. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I would be lying if I said it is going to be easy. It’s not. I don’t know how I will feel being on the sidelines. I don’t know how to make it easier on myself. Maybe I will be fine. Maybe I will be an emotional mess. I just don’t know.  But I would hate myself if I stayed at home and pouted.

 Instead, I will go out there on Sunday and make the most of it. I will be in T1 body marking athletes before the race begins. I will stay on Johnson’s Beach until the last wave sets off and then I will travel to Windsor High and watch the athletes as they tradition from bike to run and eventually cross the finish line. It will be a great day, full of great racing. And I will be there to cheer, support, and congratulate.

I can’t stop myself from thinking “what if”. What if I hadn’t broken my ankle? Where would I be right now? Would I be in the best shape of my life? Would I feel strong and ready? Would I be mentally ready? Would I still be excited about the sport? What if? 

The questions to those answers will have to wait. I did break my ankle. I did have to pull out from the race. I did have to adjust my goals. At times I’m okay with that. Right now, it’s a little harder to swallow. Vineman 70.3 will have to wait until another time for me. 

My healing and recovery progress is moving along. I am just shy of 4 months post surgery and I was cleared to start jogging by my physical therapist. I have to start slow and only jog for short distances but this a huge step in the right direction. Typically with a tibial pilon fracture, you expect 6-9 months recovery before running again. I am 2 months ahead of schedule! I was blessed with an amazing surgeon, supervised by a great physical therapist, and followed the plan. I remained patient in the recovery process and it has paid off. 

And so with that, we are off…… 

Windsor, Ca or bust!